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LED light source of common sense(一)

What is LED:
LED is English light emitting diode (light emitting diode) acronym, and its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor materials, placed on a wire rack, then sealed with epoxy resin around, plus the voltage can appropriate the normal lighting.
Knowledge of LED chip size:
According to the classification of chip shape, generally divided into circular and square piece. The wafer is relatively low, the performance is not stable enough. Square piece to the general size to measure, the most commonly used chip: red and yellow light in general 9~12mil, white, blue, green, generally in the 12~14mil. In general, the same brand of chip, chip size is large, the higher the brightness. But if more chips, brightness can improve a lot, chip prices increase, this is why big size chip why few people use.
LED color sense:
Different colors of LED is determined by the different wavelengths of the chip, for example, red chip wavelength is 620~630nm (nm), Green Chip wavelength is 527nm, wavelength blue light chip is 470nm, wavelength light chip is 585nm, white LED are blue chips, just in the blue chip plus the amount of fluorescent powder can emit white light.
The classification of LED:
Press the power size: can be divided into low power, high power (industry generally to 0.5W above the light is called high power lamps)
According to shape: can be divided for in-line (hat head, piranha) and patch type

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