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LED light source of common sense(二)

LED luminous intensity and brightness:
The luminous intensity or intensity, the unit is candela (CD Candela). Lcd is a unit of light flux in the specified direction of the solid angle in a. Light radiation intensity is uniform, then I=F/ Omega, Omega is the solid angle, unit for the spherical degree (SR), F flux, the unit is the lumen, for a point light source by I=F/4. The brightness of the light emitting surface is said bright degree, the emitting surface area light-emitting surface in the specified direction and light intensity and the ratio of vertical direction,
Unit is the Candela / square meter. For a diffuse scattering surface, although the intensity and luminous flux in each direction is different, but the brightness of each direction are equal. The TV screen is similar to the diffuse scattering surface, so from each direction of viewing images, all have the same brightness.
Color temperature of LED (colo (U) r temperature) knowledge:
Color is most common light source spectral quality index. Colour temperature is defined according to the blackbody radiation source, radiation in the visible region and the blackbody are completely the same, the blackbody temperature is called the color temperature of light source. Characteristics of low color temperature of light source is the energy distribution, red radiation relative to more, often referred to as "warm light"; color temperature increase, energy distribution, increase the proportion of blue radiation, commonly known as "el". Some of the commonly used light source color: standard candle is 1930K (Kelvin temperature unit); tungsten lamp as 2760-2900K; fluorescent lamp as 3000K 3800K; flash; noon sun is 5400K; electronic flash to 6000K; the blue sky is 12000-18000K. The general definition, warm white temperature: 2700-3200K, white: 4000-4500K, daylight white: 6000-6500K cool white: more than 6500K.
T8 lamp (LED) equivalent to an ordinary fluorescent lamp
6W 15W
8W 20W
9W 25W
15W 30W
18W 35W
20W 40W
Led bulb is equivalent to an ordinary incandescent lamp
1W 10W
3W 25W
5W 40W
7W 60W
Led lamp is equivalent to ordinary incandescent lamp
3W 25W
5W 40W
7W 60W
12W 90W

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