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LED fluorescent lamp selection

Now the market production of LED fluorescent lamp, too many to count the enterprise product quality and performance difference is very big, quality and performance that do not understand the foreign trade enterprises, energy companies, engineering companies, foreign companies in Chinese procurement office and other non professionals in the process of purchasing products in the know how to identify the LED fluorescent lamp production, in the purchase of products from the unknown, may spend a high price and not buy the ideal product you want. Choose LED fluorescent lamp can choose from the following aspects: profiles, power supply, chip
One, material, structure
Now on the market basically is divided into two sections: plastic, aluminum plastic half half.
1, plastic lamp: LED fluorescent lamp early is used in plastic tubes, because the main use of non isolated power supply, in order to avoid electric shock, so that the full plastic tube. It is used in φ 5 straw tube LED. The fluorescent lamp is the largest heat problem, because the heat all sealed in the tube, unable to escape, attenuation is very serious, plus straw tube was life is very short, less than 2000 hours was broken
2, half plastic half tubes: the sales on the market today LED fluorescent lamp basically is the half PC aluminum alloy, in the half light of the need of using plastic, without the need for transparent and need the half cooling is the use of aluminum alloy. The power of course on the tube inside, so, quantity of heat, heat LED plus power is considerably larger, because the power of this lamp is usually around 20W. Power and big point, half tubes can not solve the problem of heat it. So the proposed aluminum structure of another cooling fan shaped tubes. Fan shaped tube with radiating structure of fan shape, greatly increasing the area of the radiator. The power supply to the outside of the tube, which can put half the aluminum shell is completely made of radiator. Compared with the semi circular tubes, heat dissipation area of it at least 3 times bigger than. Can reduce the heat, which greatly extend the life of LED.
Two, the power supply
Power LED fluorescent lamp can be divided into two kinds of built-in and external. The so-called built-in power supply can be placed inside the tubes. The biggest advantage of the built-in is can be made directly replace the existing fluorescent tube, without changing any circuit. So the built-in shape is elongated to into the tube, semicircular in.
1 non isolated constant current power supply: non isolation refers to the load end and the input end is connected directly, so the danger of electric shock touching load. The advantages of non isolated constant current source circuit design is simple, the manufacturing cost is not high. The drawback is that will put the high voltage AC power supply into the load, resulting in the risk of electric shock.
2 isolated constant current power supply: isolation type refers to the isolation transformer at the input and output. But all the input and output isolation. The advantages of isolation constant current source circuit design is a complex, can avoid the risk of electric shock. Efficiency disadvantage is the power supply will be reduced, the manufacturing cost is high, the volume is relatively large, into the T10 lamp can also, but the lamp into the T8's relatively tense.
3 centralized external power supply: in order to get the highest performance best centralized external power supply. Because the main places the promotion of LED fluorescent lamp is the government agency, office, shopping malls, schools, underground garage, underground and other places, often a room with more than one fluorescent lamp, may be more than 10. This time you should use an external power supply centralized. The so-called centralized refers to the AC/DC switching power supply, the use of a large power of the unified power supply, and each fluorescent lamp using the constant current module separate DC/DC. In this way we can get the maximum power efficiency and the factors of the highest. Advantages of centralized power supply is obviously. Moreover, it is an isolated power supply, this structure is also easy to implement various dimming scheme. It is the shortcomings of the power centralized, when the room has a lamp is broken, it may cause other lights or brightening circumstances.
Three, chip
Under normal circumstances, such as CREE, Osram, HP (HP), Nichia chemical (Nichia), Toyota synthetic Lumileds first-line brand quality must be better than second or Taiwan. Currently used in fluorescent lamp is 3528, 3020, 3014 and other specifications, the specification is mainly cooling its size, the chip is not the same. The same brand of chips, packaging manufacturers are not the same, the quality is not the same.
Four, other
1, power protection sleeve: built-in power supply is placed in the aluminum alloy radiator, it must have a way with its insulation, or will the leakage of electricity. External power supply is not the existence of such phenomenon. There are three ways on the market at present. 1) the insulating sheet, with a piece of insulating paper to wrap the power around, and then went into the lead alloy radiator. The disadvantage of this approach: in the power into the aluminum alloy radiator in the process of operation, the insulating paper is easy to be aluminum alloy corners cut; the two ends of the power supply for nothing is fixed, the power is very easy to move in the aluminum alloy tube. 2) heat shrinkable tube, which is a kind of heat is a kind of PC material is compressed, with a heat shrinkable sleeve outside in the power supply, then the thermal wind blowing, the heat shrinkable tube close to power pack inside, so as to achieve the purpose of insulation. Disadvantages: close together with electrical components heat shrinkable tube and power above, thermal power emanates not dispersed, so as to shorten the service life of power supply. 3) insulation box, which is based on the power size to

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