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LED lighting to replace the traditional incandescent lamp began to show effect

In the development of LED industry, in 2010 the global LED lighting output accounted for the overall lighting market share of about 3.8, is expected in 2011 the global LED lighting permeability will be more than 10, while the LED lighting a number will be 4800000000 in 2010, 12400000000 in 2011 to 2011, effect obviously LED lighting to replace the traditional incandescent lamp began to appear. But many countries have resorted to the subsidy policy will bring what kind of difference? LED lighting development area to see, at present in North America, Europe, and Japan's fastest-growing China.
America lighting market scale is quite large, regardless of technology or look at a value of $20000000000, accounting for 16 of global proportion, therefore USA Department of energy for the LED development process, has become one of the many LED industry an important reference index. At present the development America set out plans, LED lighting will replace incandescent lamps in an all-round way in 2012, selling and the European Union in 2009 100 watt incandescent lamp constraints, most late in 2012 a complete ban incandescent lamps.
The Japanese patent technology standard government's guidance
Compared with other countries, the Japanese LED industry because of the relationship between R & D technology lead, with a number of patented technologies protection, together with the government's policy support, consumer awareness of environmental protection and other factors, prompted Japan LED lighting market development is rapid, from the 2009 third quarter permeability less than 3, in the first quarter of 2010 to 122010 Japan LED bulb rapid promotion permeability reached 20, estimated in 2011 will grow to 30~40 level.
China foundry transition government cut off all means of retreat iron construction
China LED industry shows a jumping development, the main driving force behind the Chinese official support highly, because of the energy demand and the power shortage crisis, LED industry in 2003 was listed as Chinese development projects "fifteen" National Science and technology, and established 5 big lighting base, period on LED industry subsidies amounted to 480000000 yuan, in 2006 rolled out "eleven five" plan, the semiconductor lighting project as a key development projects, grants 1000000000 yuan ~15 million yuan investment in research and development, in order to establish the L= industry group, so that the semiconductor lighting with international competitiveness. Particularly in the street market, China about in 2007 in LED street lamp establishment, China government leadership and execution of policy, regional LED streetlight project, which has become one of the world's most active setting LED street area.

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