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LED the next 10 years will enter the stage of development of the Peugeot

LED display screen will be opened on the outstanding performance at the Beijing Olympics, is also greatly boosted the rapid development of LED lighting industry. The current standard of regional LED landscape lighting has been formulated, industry is the norm, it is energy saving, environmental protection and beautify the living advantages are brought into full play, electricity use neon lighting instead of traditional LED to save 60%~70%. With the city to speed up the process, the local government has intensified the efforts on the implementation of the city landscape lighting.
Our country each are big in small city, tourist area lighting engineering and landscaping lights are also arranged LED landscape lights many community and major construction projects are using LED to replace the traditional neon lights, power consumption, Chinese LED landscape lighting is facing new development peak. The use of LED lighting in the Olympic success, indicates that the technology of LED lighting in landscape lighting has become mature.
With the introduction of the growth of ten measures to expand domestic demand to gradually implement the LED industry, the environment will be improved. Echoing with the national macro-control measures, the Ministry of science and technology has also been launched aimed at stimulating domestic demand, promoting energy-saving emission reduction, promote industrial scale "ten city lights" LED application demonstration project, to create a huge market for LED enterprise. Policy support, enormous potential market demand, will enable the LED industry in China are facing broad prospects of development.
As countries have enacted laws to prohibit the use of incandescent lamps, accompanied by the standard gradually perfected, so a lot is expected to replace incandescent lamps and halogen lamps, LED lighting is in great demand. As long as the quality is stable, sustained customer needs, I believe that the growth will continue for at least 10 years.
According to the survey of recent market research agency iSuppli and Strategies display, in 2011 the total LED market will reach $9000000000.
Thankfully, LED industry is similar to the microprocessor industry "Moore's law" in --Haitz's law, with the Agilent (LED leader in the field of the former scientists named RolandHaitz). The content of LED price every 10 years for the original 1/10, performance is increased by 20 times. If this law can continue to come true, but with the increase in production capacity, LED backlight source costs will drop rapidly.
The related industrial policy LED
A, the National 863 plan of new material technology "eleven five" set up "semiconductor lighting project" major projects;
Two, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Interim Measures for the efficient lighting products to promote financial subsidies to fund";
Three, the State Council executive meeting examined and adopted the "Energy Conservation Ordinance of public institutions (Draft)" and "civil construction of energy-saving regulations (Draft)";
Four, electronic information industry revitalization planning introduced, the semiconductor lighting support;
Five, the international technical barriers to trade;
Formulated and issued six, industry standard.

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